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Calls for caution of computer modellers advising government

Baker’s warning was issued in the foreword to a new paper on some of the problems with climate models in recent years. He draws parallels with the manifest failure of epidemiological models during the Covid pandemic, and highlights recent studies which suggest that the newest climate models are incompatible with empirical observations of the climate.

Mr Baker said:

The Net Zero target in place, largely following from climate model predictions about what the future may hold, have implications for every human being on the planet alive today and for billions as yet unborn. If we get this wrong, humanity as a whole, now and in the future, will suffer the consequences. The situation could scarcely be more serious.”

The paper, by GWPF deputy director Andrew Montford, reviews in simple language, some of the key failings of climate models, as revealed in the scientific literature.

Mr Montford said:

Claims of a climate crisis rely almost entirely on climate model outputs. But once you know what climate models get wrong, it’s hard to take them seriously as any sort of guide to the future, never mind government policy.”

Andrew Montford: Ten things everyone should know about climate models (pdf)