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Europe’s Green Experiment

As the Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, is calling for an urgent return to fossil fuels to avert civil unrest and economic upheaval, the Global Warming Policy Foundation is publishing a new report and a series of short films, documenting how 30 years of failed climate policies have triggered Europe’s worst energy cost and security crisis since the Second World War.

The report, by GWPF’s Dr John Constable, can be downloaded here.

The first video looks at the two pillars of EU climate policy – the Emissions Trading Scheme and the renewables mandate.

The second video looks at the consequences of the EU’s green experiment – deindustrialisation, destabilisation of grids, price rises, inflation and the export of emissions to the Far East. Demand suppression – rationing in other words – has been the result.

The third video shows that the measures put in place in the EU are far higher than estimates of the cost of global warming. In other words, the medicine is worse than the disease. There have been very few green jobs created.