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Fossil fuels for China: Decarbonisation for everyone else

China analyst warns that Beijing is playing the West for fools

London, 13 December – A new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation warns that China has no intention of decarbonising. Although it says it will reduce CO2 emissions, in reality the Communists’ hold on power will slip without the constant economic growth that only fossil fuels can bring.

The paper’s author, China expert Patricia Adams, says that China is intent on becoming the world’s sole superpower and is using every means at its disposal to secure fossil fuels to drive its growth.

Ms Adams said:

Beijing revealed its hand at COP26, ensuring that the text was watered down to the point of being meaningless.”

But Adams warns that China’s insistence that it will reduce CO2 emissions in future hides a dangerous agenda:

For President Xi, the decarbonisation agenda is just a very easy way to get the West to weaken itself. He will make all the right noises, but nothing more.”

As far as China’s Communist Party is concerned, carbon dioxide reductions only make sense for those Beijing wishes to harm and supplant.

Patricia Adams’ report is entitled “China’s Energy Dream” and can be downloaded here (pdf)