• EU Bans Best Vacuum Cleaners To ‘Tackle Climate Change’

    • Date: 21/08/14
    • Emily Gosden, The Daily Telegraph
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    Many of the best vacuum cleaners for sale in the UK will be banned as a result of new EU energy efficiency rules that come into force next month, consumer group Which? has warned. Households wanting to buy a powerful model have been told they will need to “act quickly” before they sell out, as […]

  • New Battle Over North Sea Oil & Gas Revenues

    • Date: 17/08/14
    • Mark Macaskill, The Sunday Times
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    Scotland’s oil and gas revenues could be up to six times higher than those forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), according to an independent report which Alex Salmond, the first minister, said “blows another huge hole in the credibility” of the London-based fiscal watchdog. N-56, an apolitical economic think tank, has published an […]

  • Scottish Government To Formally Object To UK Shale Gas Drilling Rights Proposals

    • Date: 15/08/14
    • The Scottish Government
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    The Scottish Government are objecting to UK Government proposals which would remove the right of Scottish householders to object to oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing beneath their homes. The proposals from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change will allow companies to drill below people’s land without first negotiating a right of […]

  • Alan Peacock: A Personal Record

    • Date: 14/08/14
    • David Henderson, The Global Warming Policy Foundation
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    In the last decade of his life, Alan Peacock was closely involved with issues relating to climate change: these indeed became his chief single professional concern.  As a result, he and I worked closely together, and on three occasions we were actually co-authors. Our first joint piece was written in the summer of 2005, when […]

  • EU Green Energy Policies ‘Put 1.5 Million UK Manufacturing Jobs At Risk’

    • Date: 13/08/14
    • Emily Gosden, The Daily Telegraph
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    Green policies imposed by Brussels are endangering 1.5m UK jobs by saddling manufacturers with high energy costs, an influential group of business leaders has warned. A report published on Wednesday by Business for Britain (BfB), a Eurosceptic lobby group, says that EU policies are to blame for up to 9 per cent of costs on […]

  • UK Set To Enter Winter With Less Nuclear, More Coal Power

    • Date: 12/08/14
    • ICIS News
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    The UK electricity market looks set to enter the winter season with around 3GW of nuclear power generation capacity unavailable, it emerged early on Monday. Although the closures will remove a substantial chunk of the UK’s baseload generation capacity, the move coincides with the gradual return of around 5GW of coal-fired power stations from maintenance Nuclear generation giant […]

  • Majority Of Britons Support UK Shale Development

    • Date: 11/08/14
    • Tim Moynihan, The Herald
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    Natural gas production from shale enjoys widespread backing across the country, with more than three times as many supporting production as opposing it, according to a new survey. There is overwhelming support for reducing ­Britain’s reliance on gas imports from overseas, the poll has found. The findings, which give a boost to controversial proposals for […]

  • Millions Of British Families Face Soaring Energy Bills

    • Date: 10/08/14
    • Nathan Rao, Daily Express
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    FAMILIES are facing another round of big energy price rises, experts warned last night. Bills could soar within weeks by more than £130 a year as suppliers ­scramble to make up for a dip in their profits. Analysts say the firms were hit by the unusually mild winter. At the same time customers have ­left […]

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