• UK Government: Cheap Petrol Good For Economic Growth

    • Date: 14/04/14
    • Szu Ping Chan, The Daily Telegraph
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    Government claims cheaper petrol prices in real terms lead to increased spending as well as more jobs and investment The Treasury believes the fuel duty freeze will increase business investment by 2pc Photo: Reuters The Government will recover almost half of the revenue lost from its decision to freeze fuel duty because individuals and businesses will […]

  • UN Says Shale Gas Can Combat Climate Change

    • Date: 14/04/14
    • Suzie Neuwirth, City A.M.
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    Shale gas could help beat global climate change, according to a new UN study that warned greenhouse gas emissions have risen to unprecedented levels. The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that global mean temperatures would increase by three to five degrees by the end of the century unless there was […]

  • IPCC Science: Britain Must Increase Spending On Renewables By Ten Times In Next 15 Years

    • Date: 11/04/14
    • Ben Spencer. Daily Mail
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    Britain will have to increase spending on wind farms and other green projects ten-fold in the next 15 years if global warming is to be controlled, the UN will warn on Sunday. Cutting greenhouse gases to manageable levels will cost up to 4 per cent of global GDP by 2030, according to a draft version […]

  • UK Government Takes New Steps To Block Onshore Wind Farms

    • Date: 10/04/14
    • ClickGreen
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    Trade association RenewableUK said it is “shocked and disappointed” at news that Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles is to extend his control over all onshore wind decisions. The industry group reacted with anger at what they described as the Government’s “anti-business, anti-localism” agenda and the decision to allow one man to personally decide the fate […]

  • Heads Are Breaking The Law If They Preach Eco Agenda, Education Secretary Warns

    • Date: 09/04/14
    • Daniel Martin, Daily Mail
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    Headteachers who brainwash children with green propaganda are breaking the law, Michael Gove has suggested. Headteachers who brainwash children with green propaganda are breaking the law, Michael Gove has suggested The Education Secretary has read ‘with concern’ a report which accused ‘activist’ teaching staff of trying to turn pupils into ‘foot soldiers of the green […]

  • Drilling Date Set For North Sea’s Vast Coal Reserves

    • Date: 09/04/14
    • Barbara Hodgson, The Journal
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    A billion-pound plan to reach untapped coal reserves under the North Sea will be under way by the end of the year, as the vast scale of the energy source beneath the North Sea is made clear. It could power Britain for centuries.   Scientific data of the true extent of the coal deposits on the […]

  • New Report Reveals Green Brainwashing In UK Schools

    • Date: 08/04/14
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation
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    London, 8 April: A new report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation is calling for Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, to institute an official inquiry into the way environmentalism and in particular climate change are being taught in schools. In the report, authors Andrew Montford and John Shade describe how environmentalism […]

  • James Lovelock’s Second Thoughts On Global Warming

    • Date: 06/04/14
    • Bryan Appleyard, The Sunday Times
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    The maverick behind the theory that the Earth is one organism rejects the predictions of doom he once made and says last week’s UN climate report is too dark — we can handle global warming In a lift at the Science Museum, James Lovelock tells me with amusement and mild regret that MI5 has taken […]

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