Matt Ridley: The Perils of Confirmation Bias

Matt Ridley explores the problem of “confirmation bias” in science and its application to climate science

Fritz Vahrenholt: Second Thoughts of an Environmentalist (2012 Annual GWPF Lecture)


Peter Lilley: What is Wrong With Stern? The Failings of the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change

As the cost of government measures to combat climate change hit households and businesses, Peter Lilley MP casts grave doubts on the validity of the “Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change” which the government relies on to justify its policies. Full report here

Gordon Hughes: The Impact of Wind Power On Household Energy Bills

Gordon Hughes examines the impact of wind power on household energy bills

Indur Goklany: Global Warming Policies Might Be Bad For Your Health

Indur Goklany examines the consequences of global warming and global warming policies for public health.

Gordon Hughes: Why Is Wind Power So Expensive?

Professor Hughes’ report on the true cost of wind energy.

Andrew Montford: Nullius in Verba: The Royal Society and Climate Change

Andrew Montford documents the Royal Society’s role in the climate change debates.

Christopher Booker: The BBC And Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal

Christopher Booker reviews the BBC’s coverage of climate change and documents its bias.

Ross McKitrick: What Is Wrong With The IPCC?

Ross McKitrick reviews the IPCC procedures and makes the case for a radical reform

Other reports
2011 Annual GWPF Lecture, given by Cardinal George Pell

William Happer: The Truth About Greenhouse Gases

Gordon Hughes: The Myth of Green Jobs

Vaclav Klaus: Inaugural Annual GWPF lecture

Philipp Mueller: The Sahel Is Greening

Matt Ridley: The Shale Gas Shock

Andrew Turnbull: The Really Inconvenient Truth Or “It Ain’t Necessarily So”

Andrew Montford: The Climategate Inquiries

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