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The UK’s weather in 2022: A warm year, but unalarming

The Global Warming Policy Foundation has just published its annual review of the UK’s weather. Once again, author Paul Homewood finds little to be alarmed about.

Although 2022 was a comparatively warm year, the long-term mean temperature has been largely unchanged since the turn of the century. Rainfall and storm trends are, respectively, unexceptional and favourable.
Homewood says:

The UK climate remains absolutely benign. The changes we have seen have been small, and mostly thoroughly welcome. Who would complain that we are seeing fewer bitterly cold winters?”

GWPF director, Dr Benny Peiser said:

It’s extraordinary that we are ruining our economy in an utopian attempt to achieve Net Zero at any cost, when the UK’s long-term climate trends have remained relatively stable and pleasant.”

Paul Homewood: The UK’s weather in 2022 (pdf)