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The Global Warming Policy Foundation recently published a new paper by Professor Peter Hartley (Rice University) which argued in favour of carbon taxes as the economically optimal way to address global warming.

The paper’s appearance prompted some controversy among climate sceptics and resulted in the submission of a critique from Professor Will Happer and Dr Bruce Everett. 

Their criticism and Professor Hartley’s response are now being published in an open debate format

Dr Benny Peiser, GWPF’s director said:

“Many climate sceptics criticised us for publishing Professor Hartley’s paper, but we at the GWPF do not fear discussion of controversial issues. In sharp contrast to climate orthodoxy and dogmatism, we foster a culture of open and fair debate. That’s why we continue to invite authoritative experts and critics to comment formally on our reports. As the energy crisis deepens, the need for open debate has never been more urgent.”

Are carbon taxes a good idea? Happer and Everett versus Hartley (pdf)