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Polar Bear Week: Twenty Good Reasons To Celebrate Polar Bear Resilience

Just in time for Polar Bear Week, the Global Warming Policy Foundation has published a new resource for cooling the polar bear spin.

This week is Polar Bear Week (5-11 Nov 2017). Although few in the media have chosen to report it, polar bears represent a major conservation success story.

Today, the Global Warming Policy Foundation has published a paper by zoologist Dr Susan Crockford, an update to her 2015 paper, which sets out the truth about the long-term improvement in the conservation status of polar bears. Over the last two years, the gap between public perceptions and the truth has only widened further: despite what environmentalists would have you believe, polar bears continue to thrive.

Dr Crockford said: “Almost everywhere we look, we see signs of thriving polar bear populations – fat healthy cubs, and large litters. Polar bears are now doing so well that in some areas there is actually an overpopulation problem, with significant impacts on other species, including man. That is the truth that the public are not being told.”

The new GWPF briefing paper is a useful resource for refuting unjustified pessimism and doom-mongering about the present state and future of polar bears.

As global leaders meet in Bonn for COP23 (6–17 November 2017), it’s time to celebrate the proven resilience of polar bears to their ever-changing Arctic environment.

Full paper (pdf)