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London,  14 November – A new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation calls for a reassessment of nuclear safety.

The paper, a short history of attitudes to things nuclear, explains how, after initial enthusiasm, this essential  source of energy was obstructed by poor science and an unreasonable culture of extreme precaution.
And according to the author, Professor Wade Allison, the effect of nuclear radiation has long been understood:
“Seventy years on, we know for sure that low levels of nuclear radiation are harmless. In fact there is good evidence that they are beneficial.”
Despite this, the nuclear industry is still weighed down by antiquated regulations that treat radiation as particularly dangerous.
Professor Allison said:
“Patients receiving a life-saving course of radiotherapy get a dose in a few weeks to healthy tissue that is thousands of times greater than the inept regulations say is the maximum safe exposure for the public in a year. This irrational culture should be exposed to public scrutiny.”
Wade Allison: Confidence in nuclear energy (pdf)