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Dear Friend,

On behalf of the GWPF team, I would like to thank you for your continuing interest in and support of our work.

I hope you have enjoyed receiving our publications and newsletters during the last 12 months. As we face a mainly self-inflicted energy cost and security crisis – despite a global abundance of energy – I am writing to invite you to support our important work.

In recent months, countries around Europe have begun to water down and abandon key Net Zero policies. We are witnessing a weakening of Europe’s Net Zero agenda and the disintegration of the all-party consensus on climate policy.

Governments in Italy, France and Central Europe have already started to step back, and policymakers in many other countries are joining them, calling for a slowdown if not a complete halt of this costly agenda.

Several countries, including France, Italy and Germany, have started to chip away at parts of the EU’s so-called Green Deal, which is negatively impacting their businesses and consumers. The EU has been forced to delay parts of its Net Zero agenda as it confronts rising opposition and political headwinds ahead of next June’s European elections.

The headlong rush for renewables, and the strangling of reliable forms of energy, has left millions of families in poverty, and tens of thousands of businesses on the verge of bankruptcy.

As these policies have their devastating impact, our work has never been more important.  Progress has been made: the economic and security risks of the Net Zero crusade are becoming clear to everybody, and many are becoming aware of the threat that it represents to national economies and individual liberty. Public concern and hunger for scrutiny is growing.

Your help will assist us to continue and widen our vital work – including our careful scrutiny and deliberation of Net Zero and its costs – to offer policy makers and the interested public empirical fact-checking, open debate, policy alternatives and a vigorous defence of academic freedom.

We are already reaching more than 10,000 MPs, ministers and lawmakers across much of Europe, North America and other English-speaking countries through our electronic newsletter and social media, while, at the same time, we continue to hold the news media to account for its climate and energy related coverage.

It is with the help of our supporters that we are able to continue with our important work, and I hope you will consider joining us as we redouble our efforts in Europe, North America and around the world at this most critical time.

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Or send a cheque to:

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US readers can also make donations to The American Friends of the GWPF, either online via the Network for Good, or by sending a check to:

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The American Friends of the GWPF, Inc is recognised by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organisation. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Please note, in order to make clear our complete independence, the GWPF does not accept donations either from energy companies or from anyone with a significant interest in an energy company.

I would be delighted to count you as one of our supporters.

Dr Benny Peiser
Director, Global Warming Policy Foundation