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Joe Oliver, former Canadian finance minister, joins the GWPF

London, 16 May – Joe Oliver, former finance minister of Canada, has joined the Board of Trustees of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).

Joe Oliver is the former Minister of Finance, Minister of Natural Resources and Member of Parliament for Eglinton-Lawrence. While Finance Minister, he presented a budget that was balanced fiscally and socially and kept personal taxes at the lowest level in 50 years. Mr. Oliver represented Canada at G7, G20, IMF and World Bank meetings of Finance Ministers and Governors of Central Banks. He co-chaired the G20 committee responsible for generating and overseeing country plans to increase global growth by $2 trillion. 

Dr Jerome Booth, the GWPF chairman, said:

“I am delighted to welcome Joe Oliver to the GWPF board.  As a former Finance Minister of Canada, but also a former Natural Resources Minister, he shares with our late founder Lord Lawson direct experience of policy making in both economics and energy.  The make-up of our board is increasingly international, as are the continuing efforts of some activists to limit energy policy debate.  The GWPF remains committed to its educational brief.  Our output, much of it open-peer-reviewed, is available to members of the public, policy-makers amongst them, including those having doubts about policies proving to be hugely expensive, engineeringly implausible, environmentally damaging, regressive and politically divisive.” 

Joe Oliver said:

“The GWPF has a remarkable track record of climate and energy research and policy analysis based on science and economics. Its contribution is especially crucial at a time when governments are spending tens of trillions of dollars globally on unrealistic and dysfunctional programs that needlessly damage the welfare of billions of people, especially those most economically disadvantaged. I am honoured to be invited to join its Board of Trustees.”

About the Global Warming Policy Foundation

The Global Warming Policy Foundation is one of the world’s leading climate and energy policy think tanks. The Foundation is committed to providing a platform for educational research and informed debates on these important issues. Its aim is to raise standards in learning and understanding through rigorous research and analysis, to help inform a balanced debate amongst the interested public and decision-makers and to foster a culture of open debate, tolerance and learning. 
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