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New book reveals dangers of irrational belief in climate doomsday

A new book from the Global Warming Policy Foundation makes the startling claim that climate change catastrophism has become cultural – a secular religion. But while such claims are often made, The Grip of Culture actually sets out hard evidence to support its case.

Author Andy A. West explains:

“The US social psychologist Dan Kahan has shown that you can detect the presence of tribal or cultural behaviours by measuring public attitudes. My work applies this ‘cultural cognition’ approach to the climate domain.”

West shows that the apparently schizophrenic attitudes to climate change exhibited by publics across the world – simultaneously expressing great concern about the issue, and unwillingness to do anything about it – can be explained as the interaction between traditional religions and a new faith of climate catastrophism.

West says:

“The results are extraordinarily strong – much better than anything else in the literature. They can even predict real world phenomena, such as the deployment of renewables across countries or the prevalence of climate protest groups.”

But the book also carries a warning to society. Because cultures work through subconscious behaviours, they are entirely irrational. They can lead to the building of great civilisations, but also to their complete and utter collapse.

West warns:

“We are in a dangerous place. We can see irrational policies being put in place as a result of emergent cultural fears. It’s quite possible – probable even – that we are engaged in the destruction of those industries that support our civilisation, and only to serve cultural needs that are entirely at odds with mainstream climate science.”

The Grip of Culture can be purchased via Amazon, and is also available as a free PDF download at