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The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is delighted to announce that Allison Pearson has joined its Board of Trustees.

Allison Pearson is an  award-winning journalist and international bestselling author. Her books have sold four million copies and been translated into 32 languages. Allison is a columnist and Chief Interviewer on the Daily Telegraph and is co-host of the Planet Normal podcast.

Allison Pearson says:

“I have grown increasingly concerned that our country has adopted a legally-binding Net Zero 2050 target which threatens to have massive downsides for ordinary Britons, causing hardships of which the majority of people are wholly unaware. This policy has received remarkably little scrutiny yet its success is dependent on the rapid development of technologies which are either erratic, unproven or non-existent.

I am delighted to become a Trustee of the GWPF, which is doing such a vital job of scrutinising a potentially ruinous groupthink. While the pursuit of a cleaner, greener world is entirely admirable, our country cannot afford another vast act of self-harm. We desperately need the open, rational debate which the GWPF encourages.”

About the Global Warming Policy Foundation

The Global Warming Policy Foundation is one of the world’s leading climate and energy policy think tanks. The Foundation is committed to providing a platform for educational research and informed debates on these important issues. Its aim is to raise standards in learning and understanding through rigorous research and analysis, to help inform a balanced debate amongst the interested public and decision-makers and to foster a culture of open debate, tolerance and learning. 

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