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London, 16 January: Lord Lawson has announced that he is stepping down as Chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, after leading one of the world’s top climate policy think-tanks for a decade.

Announcing his resignation at a meeting of the Board of Trustees, Lord Lawson said: “Over the past ten years the GWPF has established itself as a prominent force in the climate policy debate. I am happy to leave it stronger than ever.”

The Board of Trustees have now appointed Lord Lawson as the GWPF’s Honorary President.

Replacing him as Chairman is Lord Donoughue, who served as a minister under Tony Blair’s government and as a senior adviser to Prime Ministers Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan at 10 Downing Street. Lord Donoughue has been on the Board of Trustees of the GWPF since its inception, and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role.

During his chairmanship, Lord Lawson has been the leading advocate for thorough analysis and open debate of climate change policies. Despite considerable personal abuse and vilification, he has staunchly argued for balanced scientific research which relies on academic rigour and observational evidence instead of unquestioning dogmatism.

His stewardship of the GWPF has seen its publications and lectures reach a large international audience, prompting important debates and promoting diverse perspectives on climate policy in many countries.

Describing Lord Lawson’s contribution, the GWPF’s Director, Dr Benny Peiser, said:

“He has been the most courageous and independently-minded British statesman of recent times. Without him there would have been no serious public scrutiny of climate policies in the UK and abroad.”

The GWPF is also pleased to announce the addition of a new member, Dr Ruth Lea CBE, to its Board of Trustees. Dr Lea is an economist, as well as a former civil servant and regular contributor to a number of policy research organisations.

At the board meeting it was also announced that Sir Martin Jacomb, who was one the of founding-members of the GWPF’s Board of Trustees, would also be standing down from his position.