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GWPF peer review process

The Global Warming Policy Foundation publishes papers in a number of different formats, with a different review process pertaining to each.

* Our flagship long-form GWPF Reports, are all reviewed by our Academic Advisory Council.

* GWPF Briefings and Notes are shorter documents and are reviewed internally and/or externally as required, depending upon their nature and content.

Part of the function of the review process is to ensure that any materials published by the GWPF are of a proper academic standard, and will serve the GWPF’s educational purpose. As a charity, we recognise that educational material should provide any reader the opportunity to understand, and explore different perspectives on a subject.

This means that, for most publications, we also invite a review from a party who we would expect to take a different view to the publication’s author. We offer to publish any substantive comments alongside the main paper, provided we are satisfied they will enhance the educational experience of the reader. In this way, we hope to encourage open and active debate on the important areas in which we work.

This enhanced review process for GWPF papers is intended to take the content and analysis beyond a typical review for an academic journal:

* More potential reviewers can be involved

* The number of substantive comments will typically exceeds journal peer review, and

* The identity of the author is known to the potential reviewers.

As an organisation whose publications are sometimes the subject of assertive or careless criticism, this review process is intended to enhance the educational experience for all readers, allowing points to be made and considered in context and observing the standards required for an informed and informative debate. We therefore expect all parties involved to treat the reviews with the utmost seriousness.

Final responsibility for publication rests with the Chairman of the Trustees and the GWPF Director. But In every case, the views expressed are those of the author. GWPF has never had any corporate position beyond that dictated by its educational objectives.