• Susan Crockford: Ten Good Reasons Not To Worry About Polar Bears

    • Date: 13/03/13
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Polar bears are a conservation success story. Their numbers have rebounded remarkably since 1973 and we can say for sure that there are more polar bears now than there were 40 years ago.  Susan Crockford has made a summary of reasons not to worry about polar bears, with links to supporting data. Full paper (pdf)

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  • Matt Ridley: A Lukewarmer’s Ten Tests

    • Date: 25/01/13

    What it would take to persuade me that current climate policy makes sense I have written about climate change and energy policy for more than 25 years. I have come to the conclusion that current energy and climate policy is probably more dangerous, both economically and ecologically, than climate change itself. This is not the […]

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