• New Paper Reveals Hidden Cost Of UK Climate Policy

    • Date: 19/08/16
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    A new paper published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)  confirms suspicions that previous governments have misled the public about the impact of climate policies on businesses such as Tata Steel. There are three main faults in government analysis: 1. Instead of showing the impact of climate policies on profitability (Gross Operating Surplus), […]

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  • IEA Report: Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2014

    • Date: 29/08/14
    • International Energy Agency

    In 2013, renewable power capacity expanded at its fastest pace to date. Renewable power generation continued to grow strongly, reaching almost 22% of the global mix, compared with 21% in 2012 and 18% in 2007. Globally, renewable electricity generation is now on par with that of natural gas, which remained relatively stable in 2013. Investment […]

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