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A balanced and rational approach to climate change

The Global Warming Policy Foundation is a non-partisan think tank and a registered educational charity that focuses on climate and energy policy. 

We are deeply concerned about the impact of climate change policies: that they may be doing more harm than good, both to the world’s poorest people and the environment. 

Our aim is to provide robust and reliable analysis of climate and energy issues, based on rigorous research, for policymakers and the general public.

State of the Polar Bear Report 2023

By Dr Susan Crockford

2023 marked 50 years of international cooperation to protect polar bears across the Arctic. Those efforts have been a conservation success story: from a population estimated at about 12,000 bears in the late 1960s, numbers have almost tripled, to just over 32,000 in 2023

We need your help to continue our vital work

The Global Warming Policy Foundation relies on donations from the public to continue its vital work. Your donation will help us to scrutinise climate policies and ensure that the public are educated about the full range of costs and benefits associated with different policy scenarios. 

We do not accept gifts from either energy companies or anyone with a significant interest in an energy company.