Thousands Of Wind Turbines A ‘Disaster For Tourism’

  • Date: 18/03/14

Some of Scotland’s finest hill country has become a no-go zone for outdoor enthusiasts because of an explosion in the number of wind turbines, according to an authoritative new report.

Hillwalkers believe that Scotland is less attractive because of the proliferation of wind farms
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More than two thirds of hillwalkers and climbers believe that parts of the country are less appealing because of wind farms, the survey suggested, while almost the same proportion felt that the whole country was less attractive because of their proliferation.

The research, for the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, was taken up immediately by other outdoors organisations, furious at the “industrialisation” of the countryside. An estimated 6,000 turbines have been built or are under planning consideration across the country.

The Scottish Parliament will today debate the third National Planning Framework, which initially promoted the establishment of areas of wild land, though the proposal has come under sustained and apparently co-ordinated attack from four of the big six energy companies: Scottish Power, SSE, EDF and E.ON.

David Gibson, the chief officer of the mountaineering council, said it was “deeply disturbing” that the renewables lobby was using “all its influence to push the Scottish government into abandoning proposals that would give some protection to one of Scotland’s greatest natural assets.”

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