Paul Nurse Denies Global Warming Standstill

  • Date: 16/02/13
  • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

Paul Nurse has used the occasion of a speech to the University of Melbourne to make an extraordinary attack on Nigel Lawson . Discussing people’s concerns over global warming, he suggested that this was causing some to attack the science.

We saw that in Britain with a politician, Nigel Lawson, who would go on television and talk about the scientific case. And he was trained as a politician – you made whatever case you can to convince the audience. So he would choose two points and say “look no warming’s taking place”, knowing that all the other points that you chose in the 20 years around it would not support his case, but he was just wanting to win that debate on television.

Strong stuff. Very strong stuff.

The audio file is here. Key quote at 42 mins.

Bishop Hill, 16 February 2013


Editor’s Note: Here is the BBC debate Paul Nurse seems to be referring to – judge for yourself: Nigel Lawson and Chris Rapley discuss global warming on Newsnight. see also Ed Miliband Vs Nigel Lawson on climate policy and the global warming standstill