Obama Administration Pressuring IPCC On Global Warming Report

  • Date: 07/04/14
  • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller News

The British and U.S. governments have been lobbying the United Nations to lower its economic cost estimates for fighting global warming. The Obama administration thinks that the UN’s estimate is too high and has been lobbying the international body to revise it.

The UN is set to release this week the latest installment of its ongoing climate assessment, which will go over the different policies countries can use to fight global warming. In a leaked draft of the report from January, UN says the costs of fighting global warming would be staggering — global consumption losses would be four percent by 2030, six percent by 2050 and 12 percent by the end of the century, according to the leaked report.

The White House thought these estimates were too “harsh” reports Bloomberg. The Obama administration was worried that the high costs could be used to undercut their plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions and push green energy.

“The discussion of the economic costs of mitigation is too narrow and does not incorporate co-benefits of action,” U.S. officials wrote to the UN in a document obtained by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg reports that the State Department is pressing the UN to factor in “improvements to public health and lower energy costs from increased efficiency that would happen if fossil fuels were limited.”

The UN report, however, never defines the term global consumption losses and doesn’t put a dollar value on the costs of fighting global warming. The U.S. was not the only government to fight for the UN to amend their costs estimates — Sweden and Norway also lobbied for such changes to be made.

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