Newspaper Reveals: Most German MPs Have Vested Interest In Renewable Energy

  • Date: 15/02/14

Often it is just a rather casual subordinate clause which reveals the heart of the matter.  A news story by [German newspaper] Der Tagesspiegel on the reform of Germany’s green energy transition includes just such a sentence:

“Off the record, one Christian Democrat who supports [German Energy Minister] Sigmar Gabriel said: Nearly every German MP has some vested interest in the eco-boom. They have either directly invested in windmills or in some renewables energy fund, profit from industry orders or they are under pressure by massive green energy lobbying campaigns in their constituencies. ‘Actually,’ says the man, ‘half of the members of the Bundestag should stay away from any voting on the issue because of their vested interests in renewables.’”

It would be an urgent need for transparency and also a legitimate public interest to learn once and for all which member of parliament has invested directly or indirectly in renewable energy. Oddly enough, such a survey has not been made yet ​​and I’m afraid this may not happen . But perhaps this is an idea for the [tabloid] BILD-Opposition. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s your turn.

Full story [in German]