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Mail Online Withdraws Global Warming Scare Story

London 29 December: Following a complaint from the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the Mail Online has withdrawn an article that claimed that global warming was warming the oceans faster than previously thought.


The article, by journalist Victoria Bell, was based on claims made in the journal Nature a month earlier. However, one month before the Mail Online article appeared, the GWPF had revealed the discovery by independent climate scientist Nicholas Lewis that these claims were in error. Lewis’s discovery has since been acknowledged by authors of the Nature paper, which now carries a prominent warning to readers.

Welcoming the Mail’s decision, GWPF director, Dr Benny Peiser said:

‘It’s regrettable that the Mail published this article, and inexplicable that they should have done so a month after the errors were uncovered. It’s good that they are withdrawing it, but in reality the damage has been done.’