Energy Bills Could Hit £3,500 A Year Because Of Windfarm Costs

  • Date: 22/02/13
  • Kieran Andrews, The Herald

Energy bills could rocket to £3,500 a year because of the inefficiency of windfarms, an MEP has claimed. 

Struan Stevenson launched his book, The Myth of Green Energy, and said fuel poverty — where over 10% of a household’s income is spent on electricity and gas — would increase in the coming years.

The Conservative politician also claimed there could be “black outs” in the future as Scotland has rejected nuclear power and become reliant on diminishing fossil fuels.

He said: “In every country where wind turbines have been installed they have failed to demonstrate economic feasibility; they have failed to demonstrate viability as a solution to global warming; they have failed to achieve significant CO2 reductions and have failed to provide efficient electricity production or protection of the environment.

“Indeed in countries where industrial wind power has been added to the grid in any volume, consumer costs have rocketed. The two countries with the highest numbers of installed commercial wind turbines, Germany and Denmark, now have the highest electricity bills in Europe.

“And yet in Germany, Der Spiegel reported in a recent article that despite 20,000 installed turbines, CO2 emissions have not been reduced by even a single gram, because additional coal-burning plants have had to be built to support wind power.”

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