David Attenborough’s Scary Warming Scare: An Explanation

  • Date: 17/02/13
  • Warwick Hughes

A few days ago I posted – BBC exaggerated warming trend in David Attenborough’s TV show “Africa”. Well here is an explanation for the scary warming rates quoted by TV host David Attenborough.

Satellites detect no significant warming over the gridbox covering the Kenyan localities mentioned in the Guardian story.

While CRUT4 surface data agrees pretty well with satellites up to about 1998 – after that the surface departs erratically much warmer, improving somewhat in 2012. I would bet the sheep station that the surface data will be at fault here, probably micro-site effects – note the increased data gaps too. Remember these anomalies are from the entire grid-box area – there will be individual stations better and worse.

Ironic that UNEP has HQ in Kenya. What does this say for CRUT4 quality control measures – big on published words – next to non-existent in reality.
Note data from KNMI Climate Explorer thanks.

Errors in IPCC climate science, 17 February