‘Climate Change Obsessed’ Environment Agency Boss Ignored Flood Warnings

  • Date: 20/02/14
  • Breitbart News

Lord Smith, the embattled Chairman of the Environment Agency (EA), ignored multiple warnings that his policies would lead to serious flooding in Berkshire, Breitbart London can report.

The warnings came in 2009 from then Lead Member for the Environment at Windsor Council, Cllr Colin Rayner, who spoke exclusively to Breitbart London about numerous meetings with Smith, who has presided over some of the worst flooding to hit Britain in many years.

Smith, Rayner argued, should resign from his position after a string of failures that has led to catastrophic living conditions for many in the Thames Valley.

At one meeting in October of that year, Rayner claims to have told Smith that unless the Environment Agency took urgent action, the villages around Wraysbury, in the Thames valley, would flood. But Smith appears to have ignored Rayner’s warning, preferring instead to blame climate change for any future floods.

“I warned Chris Smith in October 2009 that unless the Environment Agency changed its policy, Wraysbury would flood,” Rayner told Breitbart London. “He didn’t take my concerns seriously and openly dismissed my plan to avoid the floods: a plan that had been working for hundreds of years.”

“Smith is obsessed with climate change and should resign. The river should be managed by professionals,” he added.

Rayner, who is a Councillor for flood-hit Wraysbury, operates a 2500 acre farm in the area and had been responsible for taking steps to prevent flooding prior to the creation of the National River Authority: the forerunner to the Environment Agency.

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