• Indian Climate Experts Slam Latest IPCC Report

    • Date: 18/04/14
    • SciDev Net
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    Climate policy experts from India have greeted the release of the latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with ire. The draft report, a summary of which was released in Berlin, Germany, this week (13 April), is written by the IPCC’s third working group, which focuses on climate change mitigation. The […]

  • Britain’s Climate Establishment Attack James Lovelock

    • Date: 14/04/14
    • The Sunday Times
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    Letter to the editor, The Sunday Times, 13 April 2014

  • UN Green Police Say Ditch Oil And Change Your Diet

    • Date: 14/04/14
    • Robert Mendick, The Sunday Telegraph
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    A report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calls for “large-scale changes in the global energy system” Governments must switch from fossil fuels to nuclear, wind and solar energy to avoid a global-warming catastrophe in a move costing about £300 billion a year, a United Nations report warns. The study, by the UN’s […]

  • Deepening Divide Over Climate Change Sparks Fierce Debate

    • Date: 10/04/14
    • Doug McKelway, Fox News
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    In the climate change debate, believers and skeptics alike have vastly different opinions based on widely divergent facts. That was illustrated by Wednesday’s release of “Climate Change Reconsidered II,” a study by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, which draws its conclusions from thousands of peer-reviewed papers, and which finds global warming to be an […]

  • We Should Give Up Trying To Save Planet From Climate Change, Says James Lovelock

    • Date: 08/04/14
    • Sarah Knapton, The Daily Telegraph
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    The scientist and inventor James Lovelock claims we should stop trying to save the planet from global warming and instead retreat to climate controlled cities Saving the planet from climate change is ‘beyond our ability’ and we should stop wasting time trying to tackle global warming, a leading scientist has claimed James Lovelock, who first […]

  • Charles Moore: The Game Is Up For True Believers

    • Date: 07/04/14
    • Charles Moore, The Daily Telegraph
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    Charles Moore reviews The Age of Global Warming by Rupert Darwall (Quartet) Most of us pay some attention to the weather forecast. If it says it will rain in your area tomorrow, it probably will. But if it says the same for a month, let alone a year, later, it is much less likely to […]

  • The Failure Of Climate Alarmism And The Rise Of Climate McCarthyism

    • Date: 06/04/14
    • David Rose, Mail on Sunday
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    The architects of climate alarmism know they have failed. Maybe it’s because their argument is weak that they resort to climate McCarthyism   At the heart of the current, poisoned debate about global warming lies a paradox. Thanks to the ‘pause’, the unexpected plateau in world surface temperatures which has now lasted for 17 years, […]

  • Most Americans Unconcerned About Climate Change: Gallup Poll

    • Date: 05/04/14
    • Gallup
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    The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a new report this week warning of the existing and potentially severe adverse future impact of climate change, yet most Americans continue to express low levels of concern about the phenomenon. A little more than a third say they worry “a great deal” about climate change […]

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