• GWPF Calls For New BBC Seminar On Global Warming And Climate Policy Coverage

    • Date: 17/12/12
    • The Global Warming Policy Foundation

    London, 17 December: Lord Lawson (Conservative), Lord Donoughue (Labour) and Baroness Nicholson (Liberal Democrat), three Trustees of the all-Party and non-Party Global Warming Policy Foundation, have called upon the BBC’s new Director-General Designate to convene a new high-level seminar in order to re-assess the BBC’s treatment of global warming and climate policy issues. Over many […]

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  • Peter Lilley Accuses BBC Of Systematic Bias In Its Handling Of Climate Change Evidence

    • Date: 30/10/12
    • The Global Warming Policy Foundation

    London, 30 October: Lord Lawson, the chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has written to Lord Patten, the Chairman of the BBC Trust, to personally investigate a complaint by Peter Lilley, MP regarding the BBC’s systematic bias in its approach to climate change. Peter Lilley’s complaint, published today by the GWPF, refers to […]

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  • New Energy Bill Is A Disaster

    • Date: 23/05/12

    London, 23 May: With the publication of its draft Energy Bill, the government has announced its intention to reverse the course of energy deregulation. The Global Warming Policy Foundation warns that any attempt to turn back the clock to the dark period of centralised energy planning will not only damage Britain’s economy, but will almost […]

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  • No Global Warming For 15 Years

    • Date: 01/04/12

    New UK Met Office global temperature data confirms the world has not warmed in the past 15 years. Analysis by the GWPF of the newly released HadCRUT4 global temperature database shows that there has been no global warming in the past 15 years, a timescale that challenges current models of global warming.   The graph […]

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  • New Report: Economic Analysis Reveals Wind Power ‘Worse Than a Mistake’

    • Date: 06/03/12

    One of the UK’s leading energy and environment economists warns that wind power is an extraordinarily expensive and inefficient way of reducing CO2 emissions. In fact, there is a significant risk that annual CO2 emissions could be greater as a result of Britain’s flawed wind policies when compared with the option of investing in efficient and flexible […]

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  • Royal Society Urged To Restore Culture of Open-Mindedness on Climate Science & Policy Debates

    • Date: 09/02/12

    London, 9 February: The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is calling on the Royal Society to restore a culture of open-mindedness and balanced assessment of climate science and climate policy. In a new GWPF report, written by science author Andrew Montford, the Royal Society is urged to ensure that genuine controversies are reflected in its […]

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  • New Report: The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal

    • Date: 08/12/11

    London, 8 December. A new report, published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, reveals that the BBC has failed in its professional duty to report accurately and objectively on the issue of climate change, one of the biggest scientific and political stories of our time. Written by Christopher Booker, one of the UK’s most […]

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  • New Report: Reform Or Abandon The IPCC

    • Date: 23/11/11

    A leading environmental economist has called upon governments to either radically reform or abandon the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In his report What is Wrong with the IPCC? Proposals for Radical Reform published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Professor Ross McKitrick (University of Guelph/ Ontario, Canada) reviews the IPCC’s own procedures in detail […]

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