• Six Threats Bigger Than Climate Change

    • Date: 29/08/14
    • John Barrasso, The Wall Street Journal
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    The White House claims its foreign policy rule is “don’t do stupid stuff,” but putting climate change ahead of global threats fails that simple test. Secretary of State John Kerry said during his January 2013 confirmation hearings that he would be a “passionate advocate” on climate-change issues, and he’s living up to that promise. In a speech […]

  • Ukraine Warns Europe Of Russian Gas Cut-Off, Moscow Denies

    • Date: 28/08/14
    • Reuters
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    Ukraine warned Europe on Wednesday that Russia could cut off gas to the continent this winter, but Moscow responded that the supply of gas would continue regardless of politics. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said Kiev knew of Russian plans to halt gas flows this winter to Europe, comments that were promptly denied by Russian […]

  • Obama’s Climate Plan Spooks U.S. Democrats

    • Date: 27/08/14
    • Timothy Cama and Scott Wong, The Hill
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    President Obama’s election-year plan to win a new international climate change accord is making vulnerable Democrats nervous. The administration is in talks at the United Nations about a deal that would seek to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by “naming and shaming” governments that fail to take significant action. The State Department on Wednesday denied a report […]

  • Indian Village Demands Real Electricity, Not Solar Gimmick

    • Date: 27/08/14
    • India Today
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    Former Chief minister met by village youngsters carrying placards demanding “real source of energy”, and “not the fake solar powered” one. The least you would expect when you bring electricity to an entire village, ending over three decades of darkness, is a ‘thank you’ from its residents. But no such niceties here in Dharnai, a nondescript […]

  • Obama Seeks To Bypass Congress For Non-Binding UN Climate Deal

    • Date: 27/08/14
    • Victor Morton, The Washington Times
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    According to a New York Times report, the Obama administration is looking to reach “a sweeping international climate change agreement” that would not be a formal treaty that would require a two-thirds Senate approval — which almost certainly would never happen. Diplomats are trying to reach a deal in time for a 2015 meeting in Paris, and U.S. negotiators are […]

  • Europe will be Russia’s Hostage Over Gas Supplies For Another Decade At Least

    • Date: 26/08/14
    • Szu Ping Chan, The Daily Telegraph
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    Europe will remain heavily reliant on Russian gas for at least another decade, according to a leading rating agency. Fitch said a lack of alternative sources meant policymakers would have no choice but to continue buying gas from Russia until at least the mid-2020s and “potentially much longer”. Europe already buys a quarter of its […]

  • China’s Coal Power Plant Installations Rise Again

    • Date: 24/08/14
    • World Coal
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    According to a new report from Precergy, new research suggests that Chinese coal-fired power plant installations are set to rise strongly in the short-term, as coal power capacity experiences a mini renaissance. Just 42 GW of new coal-fired power plants were installed in 2013 – the worst year for coal capacity additions in China since 39 GW […]

  • Tackling Air Pollution, China’s CO2 Emissions To Rise Fast

    • Date: 23/08/14
    • Jack Chang, The Associated Press
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    To tackle air pollution, China is planning to build 60 coal-to-gas plants. The CO2 released would equal three-quarters of all energy-related CO2 in the U.S., far more than China currently produces by burning coal. Deep in the hilly grasslands of remote Inner Mongolia, twin smoke stacks rise more than 200 feet into the sky, their steam […]

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