• Will Russia Cut Off Gas To Europe?

    • Date: 30/07/14
    • Maria Gallucci, International Business Times
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    Russia could cut off Europe’s natural gas supplies in retaliation for the package of U.S. and European sanctions adopted on Tuesday, according to Morgan Stanley analysts. That would send energy costs soaring and leave European countries scrambling to find alternatives in time for the winter, when they need gas the most. “We think that Russia […]

  • Greenpeace At War As Staff Revolt

    • Date: 29/07/14
    • Dutch News
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    The row over commuting directors at environmental organisation Greenpeace and unease over investment losses has spread to the organisation’s international wing, the Volkskrant says on Tuesday. The paper says a large number of Greenpeace International staff are now calling on director Kumi Naidoo to resign after he approved a weekly commute by plane for programme […]

  • India Calls On Rich Nations To Ratify Second Commitment Period Of Kyoto Protocol

    • Date: 26/07/14
    • Vishwa Mohan, The Times of India
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    India on Friday pitched for early ratification of second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol so that it would be legally binding on rich nations to cut their emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases under specified targets till 2020. Though the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol – an international treaty that is binding on […]

  • Ukraine-Russian Gas Deadlock Poses Latent Threat To Europe

    • Date: 25/07/14
    • Anjli Raval, Financial Times
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    If a deal cannot reached between Russia and Ukraine soon, Europe may face serious problems with gas supplies this winter While markets have been focused on the latest geopolitical flashpoint involving Russia and Ukraine – the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 – an unresolved dispute between the two countries over natural gas has continued to […]

  • Reality Check: China’s Energy Plans ‘To Add Another 13% To Current CO2 Emissions’

    • Date: 25/07/14
    • Today News
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    China’s plans for 50 coal gasification plants will produce an estimated 1.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and contribute significantly to climate change, a report released by Greenpeace East Asia showed. The plants, aimed in part at reducing pollution from coal-fired power plants in China’s largest cities, will shift that pollution to other […]

  • Greenpeace In Disarray As Staff Revolt

    • Date: 24/07/14
    • Maxime Zech, NL Times
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    More than 40 staff members and campaign leaders from Greenpeace Netherlands are still demanding that international program director Pascal Husting be dismissed. Husting came under fire last month for his choice to fly between his home in Luxembourg and his workplace in Amsterdam, the Volkskrant reports. The staff members penned a letter to Greenpeace director Kumi Naidoo […]

  • Japan To Step Up Funding Coal Power Plants In Developing World

    • Date: 24/07/14
    • Mari Iwata, The Wall Street Journal
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    Japan said Wednesday it would step up support for coal-fired power plants in developing nations, challenging a U.S. policy that seeks to discourage such plants in an effort to fight global warming. “Without public loans and insurance from rich countries, emerging countries would turn to less costly, inefficient technologies. It could aggravate the CO2 emission […]

  • Cold Feet: EU To Water Down 2030 Energy Target

    • Date: 22/07/14
    • EurActiv
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    Further efforts are needed by member states to reach the EU’s energy saving target of 20% by 2020, the European Commission said in a leaked draft communication obtained by EurActiv. The Commission also watered down the target for 2030 considerably in the latest draft. Based on an analysis of member state actions and additional forecasts, the […]

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