• Statistical Forecasting: How Fast Will Future Warming Be?

    • Date: 23/02/16
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    A new paper published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation explains how statistical forecasting methods can provide an important contrast to climate model-based predictions of future global warming. The repeated failures of economic models to generate accurate predictions has taught many economists a healthy scepticism about the ability of their own models, regardless of […]

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  • Indur Goklany: Unhealthy Exaggeration

    • Date: 01/12/14

    Indur Goklany examines the World Health Organisation’s recent report on climate change and finds that its estimates of future mortality from global warming are grossly exaggerated. Full paper (PDF)

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  • Susan Crockford: On The Beach

    • Date: 20/10/14
    • Dr Susan Crockford

    Susan Crockford’s paper refutes claims that Arctic walruses are in distress and danger due to global warming. Full paper

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  • Andrew Montford: Precipitation, Deluge & Flood

    • Date: 10/10/14
    • GWPF

    Andrew Montford reviews the scientific literature on rainfall and floods. Full paper (pdf) here

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  • Andrew Montford: Fraud, Bias And Public Relations

    • Date: 08/09/14
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Claims of 97% consensus on global warming depend on research described as fraudulent and biased. Full paper

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  • Susan Crockford: Healthy Polar Bears, Less Than Healthy Science

    • Date: 29/08/14
    • Dr Susan Crockford

    Susan Crockford shows that virtually all of the research reports on polar bears over the last few years have contained good news. Who then is to blame for hyping the “polar bears are dying” meme? Full paper

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  • Anthony Kelly: Climate Policy And The Poor

    • Date: 06/06/14
    • Professor Anthony Kelly, The Global Warming Policy Foundation

    This paper aims to show that the measures currently being taken to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels are directly harming the poor, both in the developing and in the developed world. Energy sources that are not based on fossil fuels make power and food – both of vital importance for the poor – […]

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  • Philipp Mueller: UK Energy Security: Myth and Reality

    • Date: 02/06/14
    • Philipp Mueller, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Philipp Mueller’s paper shows that open energy markets are a much better way to ensure energy security than intermittent generation systems like wind and solar which risk to undermine the stability and security of the national grid. Full paper  

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