• Methane Hydrates: Fossil Fuel Or Energy Saviour?

    • Date: 18/04/14
    • Richard Anderson, BBC News
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    Capturing methane hydrates and burning it suddenly looks like rather a good idea. Maybe this particular hydrocarbon addiction could prove beneficial for us all. The world is addicted to hydrocarbons, and it’s easy to see why – cheap, plentiful and easy to mine, they represent an abundant energy source to fuel industrial development the world […]

  • Coal: The Fuel Of The Future?

    • Date: 17/04/14
    • The Economist
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    A cheap, ubiquitous and flexible fuel, with just one problem   WHAT more could one want? It is cheap and simple to extract, ship and burn. It is abundant: proven reserves amount to 109 years of current consumption, reckons BP, a British energy giant. They are mostly in politically stable places. There is a wide […]

  • Coal Gasification: The Clean Energy Of The Future?

    • Date: 16/04/14
    • Richard Anderson, BBC News
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    Dirty it may be, but coal is cheap. For this simple reason, it remains the world’s main source of power, providing a quarter of our primary energy and more than 40% of our electricity. And it will continue to do so for many years to come. The challenge, then, is how to harness coal’s energy more […]

  • Use It Or Lose It: Inactive Total Loses Polish Fracking License

    • Date: 15/04/14
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    French oil company Total has failed to renew a license to tap for shale gas in Chelm, south east Poland, following in the footsteps of several international concerns. Pawel Mikusek, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment, claimed that “not much had happened” at the site during Total’s tenure of the license. He said […]

  • Deal For 2,300 Wind Turbines To Supply UK Called Off

    • Date: 14/04/14
    • Peter Smyth, The Irish Times
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    Ireland walking away from renewable energy, says Green Party leader The Green Party’s Eamon Ryan said there was no interest on the part of the Government “in the climate challenge we face. There is no discussion of how exposed we are to rising fossil fuel prices.” Photograph: PA A negotiated agreement to facilitate green energy […]

  • Germany’s Coal Boom: Green Dreams Meet Harsh Reality

    • Date: 12/04/14
    • David Shukman, BBC News
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    A vision for a greener future for the world seems very distant if you descend into the heart of one of Germany’s largest coal mines. While researchers and officials are in Berlin preparing the next report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the country’s fossil fuel industry is as busy as ever. Giant machines […]

  • Ukraine Estimates Lost Crimean Shale Gas Resources At $40 Billion

    • Date: 11/04/14
    • ITAR-TASS News Agency
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    Ukraine estimates Crimean offshore gas resources at $40 billion, Ukrainian parliament-appointed Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan said in an interview to Brussels Euractiv media. “We have lost important areas on the Black Sea shelf. We estimate the losses at $40 billion as possible revenues from extraction of shale gas in Crimea,” Prodan said. As ITAR-TASS reported […]

  • Europe’s New Energy Policy: More Coal, More Gas, More Shale, More LNG, More Wind

    • Date: 11/04/14
    • Henning Gloystein, Reuters
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    Europe is stitching together a patchwork of measures that could reduce its natural gas imports from Russia by over a quarter by the end of the decade as a result of the Ukraine crisis, halting Moscow’s tightening grip over the region’s energy. Russia’s seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea region has chilled political relations between Russia and […]

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