Britons Unconvinced Over Bad Weather-Climate Change Claims

  • Date: 14/01/14
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A new ComRes/ITV poll has revealed that Britons are still unconvinced over the claim that human action has resulted in climate change, and the notion that the weather is worsening as a result of it.

While 65 percent of the 2047 polled believe that “weather in the UK seems to get worse every year”, only 38 percent believe that “the recent storms and flooding in the UK are probably a result of climate change mainly caused by human activity”, while 32 percent disagreed with that statement.

Moreover, older Brits, who fell into the categories of between 55 – 64 years of age, and those age 65+, believe more firmly than their young counterparts that “the recent storms and flooding in the UK are no worse than they have been in the past, and are probably not a result of climate change at all”.

Those between the ages of 18-54 agreed, on average, at a rate of 23.75 percent, that Britain’s recent foul weather was not a direct result of climate change, while those aged 55 and over believed that to be the case at a rate of 37.5 percent, revealing perhaps that those with more experience of Britain’s varied weather conditions over the past decades are more sceptical of alarmist environmentalist claims.

However, most (55 percent) still agreed that it was the “government’s responsibility to prevent damage to people’s homes and businesses from flooding”, with 65 percent backing the idea that the “government should dedicate more money to improving flood defences, even if it means budget cuts elsewhere”.

The fact that half of those polled disagree, or ‘don’t know’ about whether climate change is “really happening” will no doubt be a blow to the ‘big green’ lobby, that spends tens of billions of pounds worldwide trying to sell the idea of climate change, and its tax-heavy ‘solutions’.

The full results are available here.

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