Benny Peiser: The Greening Of The Left Is Hurting The Poor

  • Date: 26/02/14
  • Cumbria and North Lancashire Fabian Society

Talk at the Cumbria and North Lancashire Fabian Society, Thursday 27 February, 7pm, Castle Green Hotel, Kendal, Lake District

In Britain and across Europe the green agenda is becoming increasingly unpopular. Many families, households and businesses are growing hostile towards unilateral climate policies that are inflating energy bills and heating costs.

While wealthy land owners are installing heavily subsidised wind turbines on their land and well-off homeowners put up solar panels on their roofs, low-income and ordinary families have to foot skyrocketing electric bills. Energy bills are going up as these multi-billion subsidies are rising rapidly.

It does not make any sense to make energy so costly that Britain’s manufacturing is becoming uncompetitive. Nor does it make sense to weaken Britain’s economy by driving up energy costs and increasing fuel poverty.

It might be possible to make a case for decarbonisation if it were undertaken on a worldwide basis. But recent UN climate summits show that there is no prospect of this. The chances for a binding successor of the Kyoto Protocol are close to zero.

In fact, many Western nations are rolling back or abandoning expensive green energy schemes that have made Europe increasingly uncompetitive. At the same time, Britain is on the cusp of a shale gas revolution which can help to rejuvenate the economy and bring cheap power to millions of people.

It is becoming evident that currently favoured solutions to climate change are not in themselves economically viable. What is more, the whole green agenda is confronted by rising doubt and criticism not least because it is amoral, making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

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