BBC Survey Suggests Support For Fracking In North West Of England

  • Date: 03/12/13
  • BBC News

More people are in favour of fracking for shale gas in the North West of England than opposed, a BBC survey suggests.

The poll of 1,941 people indicated 44% of those who know about fracking support it, while 34% are against. The poll found 22% are undecided.

Seventy-three per cent of those in favour said they still had concerns about the process.

Energy firm Igas said the results were “encouraging” but protesters said fracking would be “disastrous”.

‘Fully justified’

Fracking - or hydraulic fracturing – is a technique in which water and chemicals are pumped into shale rock at high pressure to extract gas.

Market research company TNS asked a cross-section of people from across the north west aged 16 or above for their views on fracking in a four-week survey beginning 30 October.

The survey – commissioned by BBC North West Tonight - revealed that 529 people had not heard of the process. Another 10 people did not know if they had heard of it.

Of the 1,402 participants who had, 610 (44%) said they supported fracking in the north west, 482 (34%) were against and 310 (22%) said they did not know.

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