Andrew Montford: Walport’s Reverse Thinking

  • Date: 27/01/14
  • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

Hidden behind the Times paywall, I gather that Sir Mark Walport is being rude:

Climate sceptics should stop attacking the science of global warming and have a “grown-up” debate, the Government’s most senior scientist has said.

Sir Mark Walport accused climate sceptics of questioning the scientific evidence in order to dodge the more challenging question of what to do about it.

OK, so let me get this right. The world hasn’t warmed for 17 years or so. Climate scientists can only hypothesise as to the reasons why. We can’t detect any significant changes in the surface temperature record. The evidence about climate sensitivity is that it’s much lower than we had been led to believe (but the IPCC obfuscated the issue).

And Sir Mark thinks we are wrong to discuss the science?!

What does this tell you about our chief scientific adviser?

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