All-Time Cold Record: More Evidence Of Global Warming Crisis

  • Date: 24/02/13
  • Pierre Gosslin, No Tricks Zone

Northern Hemisphere sets new, all-time record cold temperature: -71.2°C in Oymyakon Siberia

There’s been a lot of confusion over the last couple of days concerning a record low temperature allegedly just recorded in Siberia. News reports in the mainstream media made it sound like the reading was recorded decades ago, or they just muddled it. For example The Mail had a feature here. No mention that it’s a record set just days ago.

But now it appears that the record was actually set on February 19, in Oymyakon, Siberia.

The confusion is understandable, as the news just doesn’t square with the global warming narrative.

News website reports here. It writes near the end:

Oymyakon: Coldest Town in the World – 71 ° Celsius

It was just a few days ago that Oymyakon became famous. With -71° Celsius, it recorded a new record cold temperature, which until then had been unique to 2 villages. Until then the record of -68°C had to be shared with the town of Werchojansk – however, this is now history.”

This Italian site also reports that the new record was just set days ago, on February 19, smashing to pieces the old record of -68°C set in 1933, 80 years ago.

UPDATE: Russian media confirms the new record:

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