Bruckner’s Opus

  • Date: 25/04/13
  • Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill

Yesterday I was at the House of Lords for the launch of Pascal Bruckner’s book on environmental catastrophism, which was sponsored by the GWPF.

Bruckner, a prominent philosopher and author, gave a very impressive talk introducing some of the themes from his book, which is entitled The Fanatacism of the Apocalypse. French philosophers can overpower with their intellectualism, and while Bruckner is no slouch on this front I was pleasantly surprised by his easy wit, and how approachable he made his argument; it’s hard to take against anyone who opens the narrative with a discussion of Tintin.

* The idea of catastrophe has replaced the idea of progress
* Racial minorities, women and slaves have been replaced as victims by Mother Earth
* Fear has become something to be desired.
* We are being transformed into children ready to obey the orders of an enlightened elite.
* Friends of the Earth have become the enemies of mankind
* Environmentalism is universal but “end of the worldism” is purely western.
* Environmentalisms is about keeping the world for the bobos (bohemian bourgeois)

Bishop Hill, 25 April 2013

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